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    Important Announcement from Drs. Molly and Steve
    To all of our wonderful clients and friends:

    I am writing to inform you that Dr. Steve Barten and I will be retiring at the end of December.

    This is a bittersweet letter to write. We both have been practicing veterinary medicine for over four decades. Over these many years we have been a part of your lives by virtue of caring for your beloved pets. We’ve experienced your joy of having a new furry (or scaly!) family member, as well as your sorrow of loss. There’s a special bond that veterinarians have with their clients and their pets, and we have been honored to share that with you.

    The best part of veterinary medicine has been our patients. It’s such a pleasure to come to work every day and be able to help so many wonderful animals. We’ll miss the wagging tails from dogs and the head butts from cats, and we’ll also miss the ones that weren’t so crazy about seeing us! After these many years, we have our tricks, and it was always satisfying to be able to help put some of our more anxious patients at ease.

    We are leaving you in the caring and capable hands of Dr. Susan Sneed and Dr. Jeremy Caseltine. Most of you already know them, and I assure the rest of you that you will find them to be excellent veterinarians.

    We truly appreciate your trust and loyalty, and we’ll miss seeing you all.

    Our Team

    Meet our amazing team of professionals below.

    Our Doctors

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    Dr. Susan Sneed

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; University of Wisconsin, 1989

    Areas of Interest: Exotic Animals, Laser Surgery, Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery

    Dr. Jeremy Caseltine

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; University of Illinois, 2019

    Areas of Interest: Reptiles & Amphibians, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, Photography, Dentistry

    Our Staff

    Rachel Friberg

    Practice Manager


    Certified Veterinary Technician

    “Mr. Jagger”, a Pomeranian


    Veterinary Technician

    “Handsome”, a DSH cat


    Veterinary Assistant & Customer Service Representative

    “Grady” and “Guiness”, DSH cats; “Winnie”, a rabbit


    Veterinary Assistant

    “Athena”, a Bull Terrier; “Dexter”, a Brussels Griffon; “Sebastian” and “Basil”, DSH cats


    Veterinary Assistant

    “Ollie”, a Dachshund; “Bailey”, a rat terrier mix; “Angel”, a DSH cat


    Veterinary Assistant

    “Dolly”, a Labrador mix; “Zeus”, a Great Dane; “Odin”, a Neapolitan Mastiff; “Yaba” and “S”, DSH cats


    Customer Service Representative

    “Sunny”, DSH cat; “Chief”, mini goldendoodle; “Blue”, a Labrador Retriever


    Customer Service Representative

    “Giuseppe”, a Soft-Coated Wheaton Terrier


    Customer Service Representative

    “Siearra”, a Siberian Husky; “BB”, “Bindi”, and “BW Barney”, DSH cats


    Customer Service Representative

    “Archer”, a German Shepherd


    Customer Service Representative

    “Angus”, a Bearded Dragon  “Benny”, a Beagle mix  “Maverick”, a Beagle mix   “Nemo”, a DSH cat, “Nylah”, a DSH cat