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    Working with your pets is a privilege that we hold dear to our hearts. Below are just a few of the many furry creatures we have had the pleasure of meeting in the last few years. We would be honored to add your pet’s photo to our site. Simply fill out the form below to submit your photos.


    “Lucy” is a 9-week-old mini Australian Shepherd and new member of the Echales family. After recently experiencing her first snowfall, she fell in love. Lucy loves the snow so much that she goes from being a sweet girl to a “Tasmanian devil.” Mr. Echales digs tunnels in the snow for her, and she will rip through them at top speed and then dive headfirst into the ice-cold snow! So far, Lucy has learned how to climb up the stairs. But she hasn’t quite mastered going down them just yet. In due time!


    “Stella” is a Catahoula Leopard dog mix puppy with beautiful blue eyes. Her new family, the Cosmano family, calls her their “11-week-old troublemaker.” She’s a cuddle bug who loves to sleep on her owners’ laps.


    “Bo” is a 14-month-old American Bully and a new member of the Baker family. Bo was rescued from a breeder in Milwaukee along with his sister. His sister found a home with another family, but Bo put his magic personality to work, and Mr. Baker ended up adopting him. He is a ‘turkey baby’ because he was born on Thanksgiving Day in 2019. With his sweet personality, no one can resist talking to him.


    “Hazel” is a 10-week-old Labrador Retriever mix and new member of the Giardina family. She loves to go outside with her big brother, Ollie. He is teaching her how to bark at squirrels!


    “Rizzo” is an adorable 8-week-old Golden Retriever and new member of the Canalia family. He’s only been home for a few days, but he’s proving to be very smart. He has a puppy pen in the backyard in which he has learned to back up and take a running jump to try to escape. He loves, in order, his new human big brother, his Snoopy and Woodstock toys, and chewing every branch and leaf he can find in the backyard.


    “Gus” is a 5-year-old Bullmastiff and member of the Porter family. He’s new to us but not to them. Still, he’s so handsome that we had to share his photo. His family tells us that Gus is a 189-lb lap dog! They’ve owned him since he was little, and he is their only child.

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