COVID-19: What We're Doing to Keep You Safe


    We’re open! As we all go through this difficult time, we at Vernon Hills Animal Hospital are committed to staying open as long as possible. We’re determined to keep you and your pet healthy!

    Our staff is working very hard, running in and out of the building all day long. As you may imagine, this takes extra time, extra staff, and has increased our cost of doing business.

    Most of our clients have been very kind and understanding. Unfortunately, we also have clients who have been very demanding and upset about this new business model. We ask for your forbearance; after all, eventually, things will go back to the way they were. Clients who are rude and difficult to our staff will be asked to leave the practice.

    Here is what we are doing for the safety of our clients, patients, and employees:

    • If any member of your household is ill with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath or has been exposed to anybody with the virus, we ask that you please cancel your appointment.
    • We are mandating curbside service only. Until the number of new coronavirus cases in Lake County is much lower, we will be operating this way. Right now, it looks like this won’t change until some time in 2021. The only exception will be for euthanasia. We feel that it’s of the utmost importance for pet parents to be with their beloved friend during this difficult time. However, we will require that you wear a mask and gloves, which we will supply before coming into the building.
    • When you park in our lot, just call to let us know that you’ve arrived for your appointment or to pick up a prescription. We may ask you the make, model, and color of your car if it’s not already written in the appointment book. For scheduled appointments, a technician will get any pertinent history.
    • We ask that you wear a mask (covering your nose and mouth) when you are handing your pet over to our veterinary nurses.
    • One of our technicians, who will be wearing a mask and gloves, will come out to your car to bring your pet in. When you see an employee with gloves on, rest assured that the gloves are new or sanitized. This isn’t like at the grocery store, where the checker wears the same pair of gloves all day!
    • We will use disposable brand new slip leads for every dog. Once the lead is secured around your dog’s neck, we will ask you to remove his or her leash for us. Small dogs should be bundled up in one of our freshly laundered towels and handed to the technician. The towel will make him feel safe and secure. Cats must be in carriers.
    • We can take credit card payments over the phone. We are not accepting cash payments at this time.
    • We will hand you a new pen if you need to sign anything, which you can keep or throw away.
    • All door knobs and handles are sanitized with a powerful commercial disinfectant after every appointment. Every employee is sanitizing the door knobs when they enter or leave the building for their shift. They also use a foot bath.
    • All surfaces we use are sanitized throughout the day with the same effective disinfectant.
    • We are opening windows periodically to exchange the building air and keep it fresh. We have several HEPA filters spread throughout the animal hospital.
    • Each employee is assigned their own phone, keyboard, and mouse during their shift, which nobody else can use. We all wear masks.
    • All employees are taking their temperature just prior to and just after their shift. The Illinois Veterinary Medical Association has recommended this practice.

    These measures may seem drastic, but if a staff member gets coronavirus, we may well have to close the hospital for a couple of weeks. We are doing our very best to prevent something like this from happening. Right now, we’re all healthy and are committed to staying that way!

    Due to school closures, we have a couple of staff members with children who may need to stay home. It’s possible that schedule disruptions may occur if we are short-staffed. We respect your time and will contact you as soon as possible if any of these schedule changes need to take place.

    Thanks for being understanding during this stressful time.