COVID-19: Attention! We will be completely curbside starting Saturday, August 28, 2021.


    We’re open! As we all go through this difficult time, we at Vernon Hills Animal Hospital are committed to staying open as long as possible. We’re determined to keep you and your pet healthy!

    Attention! Vernon Hills Animal Hospital will be completely curbside starting Saturday, August 28, 2021.

    We don’t want to do this but feel we must in order to keep our services available to patients in need. It’s a difficult decision, but due to some circumstances we’ve had, this change is necessary.

    This is due to the increasing number of breakthrough COVID cases in vaccinated people, the Delta variant being a real threat, and the State of Illinois reinstating the mask mandate.

    We’re trying to avoid exposure and decrease our chances of contracting the virus. If any of us become positive, we will be forced to close for at least 2 weeks. This means we can’t assist you, treat your pets, refill prescriptions or diets, or answer any calls. We want to remain healthy so we can help your best friends stay healthy!

    We’re asking for your understanding in our decision. We will do our best in serving you and your pet in a timely, communicative manner, and we appreciate your patience with us.